Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Eydis (airadis)

Today we went to a farm and bought a puppy :)! The puppy is a Australian Sheppard and loves to clime on people! When we got her in the car she started whining and crying. Then we went to St.johnsbury to the feedbag. Closed. After that we went to agway in lyndonville to get puppy chow and a harness for her. Then we got home and gave her a walk, fed her/water, and put together a kennel for her to sleep in.What a crazy day :P!

Poptart adventures:slumber party

November's SPEEDY FIVE!!!

Tomorrow is the big day for the chickens because of the SPEEDY FIVE championship!!The reason its the championship is because there will be snow 1 month from now and i think just like last month john and rick the two light Brahma boys will walk themselves in the chicken coop again! p.s. The winner normally is to fast in the end because im worn out already from everyone else so i let there prize be to sleep out in a tree (only if i cant get them :P).

this is SPEEDY FIVE reporter Tryphon Davis signing off have a good day!


Today is Saturday and i can't wait because where possibly getting a new puppy that soon will be able help me round up the chickens!The dog is a Australian Sheppard dog that is friendly with ducks and chickins!The dog is going to sleep with zephryn.

Friday, November 7, 2008

My chickens

Last may we order 27 chicks. We got 13 of them and our friends got the rest. Since then I've become close to them and love them like any other pet. Even though i love them some run away from me :P. We have 10 girls and 3 boys. My favorite boy is FES the Polish chicken(though the rest are light Brahmas). FES is a loner who is always on guard and when i go out to see them i always run across FES first. My favorite girl is Emily (girl in top left box). The reason why i like her is because she does not mind humans and loves getting petted! Emily will allow you to get close to her but DON'T RUN! If you do she will run away from you. She does not mind getting picked up either. Each month we have a competition called the speedy five where i grab the chickens and close the chicken coop door and put them inside and it normally happens around darkness (5:00). So the last chicken that I can catch wins (is the fastest)! Here are the speedy five from October...

1.beautiful (girl)

3.Bria (Queen)(girl)
4.Feety (girl)
5.Luna bird (girl)

Why i want to blog.

Hello my name is Tryphon Davis and i wanted to blog because during home school i was told to make a list of what my mom did during writing class, like a reporter, and i liked it so much i wanted to start blogging! So on Sunday i will give you the NASCAR (National Association Stock Car Auto Racing.) recap of the week and Wednesday i will give you what i call the ? out of 10 where i rate stuff and tell the story of what happened.

This is my first blog and i hope you will be here Sunday and Wednesday. Tryphon Davis!