Wednesday, October 13, 2010

My thoughts of NASCAR At Auto Club Speedway

Well my thoughts of the track itself was bringing me down for the race itself on sunday, but it proved me wrong a little bit.


The Nationwide race was a fun race too watch, action, wrecks, good to know that the drivers where racing hard! i laughed my butt off when danica wrecked!
HA! that was gold!
Good win for busch but i mean really
, they should let Sprint Cup drivers start 6 races in Nationwide, i mean why do you think its a " Lower-Series"? Guess NASCAR will never learn the truth.


Oh man what a BORING race! i mean theres not much more to say than that. i hate Tony Stewart but it was a good win.
Gordon got screwed over by NASCAR, AGAIN, Johnson is still leading the points. i mean COME ON NASCAR! Wake up!


Weekend Overall: 6 out of 10

Nationwide race: 7 out of 10

Sprint Cup Race: 4 out of 10

Thank you all for reading my mini "rant" LOL.

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